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 Drug companies usually do not make their drugs available in every region of the globe due to commercial reasons. Especially new drugs will be approved firstly in key markets like the US, Europe and Japan as well as other markets which provide large patient populations. As a result, not every drug is available in all countries of the world.

 Physicians might want to prescribe drugs for their patients, which are not available in their country. Name Patient Programs can help physicians access to the drugs by importation from another country, provided that these drugs are approved in at least another country of the world.


    These drugs may be:

  • Approved but not yet commercially available to be prescribed in the physician’s and patient’s country

  • Approved and available in one country but not approved and available in the physician’s and patient’s country

  • Discontinued in the physician’s and patient’s country but not another

  • In shortage in the physician’s and patient’s country but not another

Name Patient Programs enable patients all around the world access to the drugs, which are not available in their own country hence enables the physicians provide the appropriate treatments a patient need. On the other hand, NPPs help biopharmaceutical companies establishing access schemes for their drugs within the countries, where an approval has not been planned yet.

Named Patient Programs are the primary mechanism Tecrapharm leverages to provide global access. Whether requests come from tenders as a result of drug shortages or for other reasons, we help provide access to products that are unlicensed or unregistered in the country where the patient is located.

There are numerous restrictions and regulations for the name patient programs that apply on a country by country basis hence biopharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare professionals need the assistance of Tecrapharm with its vast experience.


Tecrapharm can source products from all regions of the world, and our team handles all the processes involved in the delivery of the treatment under supervision of a HCP such as:

  • Market Access

  • Regulatory

  • Logistics

  • Patient advocacy

If you are a HCP and you wish to gain access to an unavailable medication in your country, please contact us at:

If you are a biopharmaceutical company and want to make your drugs available in countries where they are currently unavailable or not yet approved, please contact us at:

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